Have your floors seen better days?

We can help protect it.

Whether it’s your home, commercial property or industrial site, Endurance Coatings can protect your flooring and more!


Our coatings are resist moisture and create a barrier so that water will not penetrate the surface.

Wear Protection

Our coatings are highly durable. No matter the situation, our epoxies will with stand high traffic areas and heavy abuse.


Our coatings can also match any decor. If you want a specific colour or theme, if you can dream it, we can create it.

Our coatings can be used for any application:
From truck bed liners to roof protection. You can apply our coatings to almost anything!

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We’re Looking For Partners

Looking to start a business? Want to expand your current business by adding an additional stream of income? Enjoy the coatings industry? We have an opportunity for you.

We are looking to set up service providers across Western Canada. If interested, please contact us HERE