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There are plenty of application sprayers on the market and many more with a hefty price tag. We have tested many products based on price point and durability with the goal of finding equipment that is affordable; allowing for quick, reliable and consistent results while using disposable tips and tubes that decrease downtime due to the cleaning process, allowing you to keep working and making money!

We found Coverzall spray equipment meets and surpasses our needs. Their line of sprayers addressed a big issue with most spray equipment; cheap components that lead to equipment failure and loss of product ($). They have solved these problems with high-quality pumps, parts and materials and back their equipment with a strong 5-year warranty.

Coating Materials

When a coating fails 99% of the time it’s because of adhesion issues between the product and substrate. We have tested many coatings available and the one we back our name on is Polycoat .

Polycoat products consistently perform because they feature only the highest quality raw materials, yielding higher solids by volume, greater tensile strength, and greater colour stability. No fillers, extenders, or cheap ingredients are allowed.


  • Up to 100% solids Polyurethane, Polyurea, and Polyaspartic coatings
  • Bonds to a variety of surfaces while curing
  • Monolithic, seamless coatings that conform to any shape
  • Ability to build any thickness–apply as much as you need, where you need it
  • Rapid cure times for most products with a fast turn around
  • Physical properties tailored to application
  • Family of products: single component, 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 formulations – simplifies the application process
  • Designed to provide excellent protection at a fair price point and with quick return-to-service
  • Application in various formats: low-pressure spray, brush, roller, squeegee and trowel


Coating Applications

Compared to other coatings, ours is up to 20 times stronger than epoxies and 5 times stronger than powder coating products. PLUS it’s available in over 200 colours. No matter the floor material – concrete, wood, steel or fiberglass, we can protect it.

Residential applications: decks, patios, sidewalks, basement floors & walls, garage floors, sheds, boats, trailers, truck bed and more.

Commercial Applications: Entryways, floors, loading docks, walls, common areas, mechanical rooms, decks, high traffic & load areas, locker rooms, showers, hospitals, food industries, offices and more.

Industrial applications: pipes, structural steel, valve bodies, products destined for trans-oceanic travel, waste bins, delivery vehicles, tool enclosures, fleet truck decks and more.